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Racking Defects Effectively

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Racklog – the free app for Racking Inspection logging that really works

Use Racklog when you carry out your racking inspection and then you create an excel spreadsheet that you can analyse, include in a report, or just use it to manage safety offloads and repairs. In case of any error, you can go back within Racklog and amend ‘on the fly’ so you end up with a polished document to save or distribute as you want.

Racklog –  the easy way to record racking inspections.


The Racklog app is available to download  for Android Tablets and Phones. This instruction guide is best viewed on computer or tablet.

Step 1

The Racklog app starts with entering the details of the site.

When you are ready, press START SURVEY.

Step 2

The next screen allows you to enter the details of the defect. You should have some way of identifying the location where the defect is, usually the labels on the beams.

If you have a number of things that are defective at the same location, then use the same location but do one entry for each defect. We have made buttons for each common defect, but if you have something unusual then enter it manually in the “OTHER DEFECT” section.

Identify where the component is – UPRIGHTS ,  BEAM, FOOTPLATES and FLOOR FIXINGS are front or back –  BRACES are counted from the floor upwards.

Decide on the classification – you should know this from your Inspection Training or HSG76.

If you want to make further notes, there’s room for that too. When you’re finished, press SAVE.

Need to make a Change?

As you find and log the defects, there is a running total of your findings, according to whether they are RED, AMBER or GREEN.

If you need to change the details of any defect that you have logged, select the LIST icon at the top of the screen. This will bring up all your defects and you can select the one that you need to change.


Pressing this icon brings up the one that you want to change in full screen – change it and save again.


Step 3

When you’re all done, press the END SURVEY icon, and your email will come up.

Choose which way you want to send your results to and how, and that’s it, survey sorted!

Please note, you have to be online to send your results.


We hope that you’ve found this instruction guide useful, but if you need further assistance, please contact us via help@racklog.co.uk